Healing the Spirit Within

Healing the Spirit Within

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This retreat is based on the premise that whenever our human personality is stressed out, traumatized or lost to an addiction, a vital part of our essence or soul is also injured or lost. Disconnection, lack of feeling whole, continued fear of moving forward, are such signs. We must find ways to nurture or heal the soul. Explore spiritual healing techniques that can restore a sense of wholeness. Objectives: Understand the body, ego, soul and spirit connection. Revitalize the authentic self. Protect the gains of treatment, therapy and recovery for sex and love addiction. Experience the direct healing power of nature. 

Free time to explore the woods, enjoy the lake, hike, canoe, swim and relax on the dock is part of this retreat.  Gourmet meals and lodging included in the price.

Co sponsor: The Institute for Indigenous Healing Practices, Inc. 

Dates: TBD
Location: Private Lake Retreat near Spooner WI

Limited private rooms are available for an addition $150 on a first request basis.  If you are interested in a private room, please check that option and we will notify you if we can accommodate your request.

For more information contact
heidi@itsallaboutlove.com or call 952.944.4046 or 888.987.6129 (outside the Twin Cities)


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